ABB/SP/500 ABB/SP/500

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IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH has realized with the ABB/SP/500 a new robot generation for all sizes. .

The system obtains a passage up to 1000 parcels per hour and works from its physical method of resolution with a technology, which has been approved thousands of times.
By default, the robot is equipped with:

Paced accumulation conveyor technology
Automatical cartride take-over system
Pallet Magazine
Palletizing conveying technology
Binder sheet insetting-Magazin
Product specific gripper technology
Gripper for binder sheet insettings
and is optionally provided for a line on a pallet or two lines on two pallets.

Regarding automatisation the system offers various optional components, among them a blocking unit and a top sheet feeder as well as an optional injet system for pallet tickets with pallet ticket dispenser.
Furthermore,the options of the system can be enlarged by various a gripper technology.
The touch screen pad includes all control and inspection operations.

Technical Data

Automatical Palletizing Robot ABB/SP500/1

1 Double-A4-feeding

Pick-up station for the double gripper with movable paper cassette and centering device for the stack of paper, upstream paced accumulation conveyor. Format adjustment via spindle motor.
Package Format: Width 140-250mm, Lenght 140-320 mm, Height 100-330mm
Colour: RAL 7035

1 Double gripper for A4-Formats

Pneumatic double gripper for gripping of the simultaneous double paper packets of the pick-up station, equipped with double upper punch and format adjustment via spindle motor. Paper formats up to DIN A4, 100-330mm stack height, stack minimum 140mm width.
All pneumatic elements are controlled via valve clusters.
Central terminal box.

1 Gripper for binder sheet insettings
Gripper for the palletizing inset for binder sheet insettings.
Mounted to the package gripper, equipped with 6 bellows,sloping design for the protected take-off of the binder sheet insettings.
Colour: ALU natural

1 Pallet dispenser

In a robust frame design with motorized height adjustment of chain and opening mechanism.Plates to center the pallets before taking them over to the conveying path.
For 15 Euro pallets 1200 mm x 800 mm.
Colour: 7035

1 pallet conveyor system

in solid design of the steel rolls with a chain drive.

ABB articulated arm -Palletizing robots for the use in further processing.

1 line on 1 Palette
The robot is equipped as standard with six freely programmable servo axes. Equipped with universal flange on the Z-axis for the use of different gripping systems with integrated adapters for various product take-off and centralizing stations.
The standard size includes also protective barriers and safety devices as standard.
The operator terminal is integrated in the cabinet, visualized on screen with the operation of the robot and is designed for easy operation.

Additional Info

Type: ABB/SP500
Formats of Products:
Power Consumption: 9.000 Watts
Power Supply: 3 x 400 V AC + N + PE 50/60 Hz
Total Weight: ROBOTER ca. 1.700 kg, PALLETIZING SYSTEM ca. 1.500 kg
Standard Color: ABB Orange, RAL 7035
Air Power: Air flow: 50 Norm-l/min air pressure: min. 4 bar max. 9 bar
Sound Level: doesn't exceed 82dB (A), according to DIN 45635 part 27
Stack Height: max. 350 mm
Rod Length: 600 up to 1200 mm
Stack Weight: max. 40 kg
Rod Weight: max. 150 kg
Infeed Unit: 2x Bundle pick-up stations 2x Stacking stations
Pallet Size: 800 x 1200 mm, 800 x 1200 mm (special sizes to customer specification)