Mohn Media invests in IN-LOG postpress solution


Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH equips its new 96-page-rotation in Gütersloh with floating rotary trimmers for postpress processing. The company relies on a complete IN-LOG postpress solution by Merten-Maschinenbau.

High volume rotary presses have been playing an important role for Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH in Gütersloh for a long time to meet rising requirements of the customers and the market. In a few months, another 96-page-rotation will be put into operation. It will be equipped with one standing and one recumbent folding system and will provide an enormous flexibility in product design for the company.

For being able to make full use of this flexibility in the future also in postpress processing, Mohn Media decided to install a postpress solution by Merten Maschinenbau GmbH with two floating rotary trimmers. Axel Hentrei, Co CEO of Bertelsmann Printing Group and managing director of Mohn Media stresses that the rotary trimmers can be used flexibly, especially in case of smaller formats. Following an intensive analysis, it appeared that Merten Maschinenbau offers the best price-performance ratio. In this regard, they had a closer look not only on investment costs but also on running costs.

Roland Witte, Head of Production & Technology at Mohn Media, also mentions the planning expertise that Merten Maschinenbau brought to the project for being able to guarantee an optimum operation of the units. He also appreciates that the producer acted fair and incorporated any requests for changes into the project right away.

The rotary trimmer RT/1140S, equipped with the new cutting technology LQC 30, guarantees very high quality and lifetime even at maximum speeds, number of pages and weights.

The contracts are signed: from right: Roland Witte, Head of Production & Technology, Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH, Peter Merten, managing director of Merten Maschinenbau GmbH, Vienna, Axel Hentrei, Co CEO of Bertelsmann Printing Group, and Jörg Raschpichler, purchasing manager of Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH.