Drukkerij T’Hooft is again investing in IN-LOG postpress systems


At the end of the year 2017, Drukkerij T’Hooft again invested in IN-LOG products in the form of a replacement investment at the KBA 818. Specifically, the investment covers the entire conveyor technology, waste paper and trimming line as well as the extension of the palletizing robot cell to  palletize products from two compensating stackers. On the one hand, the investment was made because of the excellent performance and because of the extremely low maintenance costs of the IN-LOG systems which have been installed in the past.
With this replacement investment, Drukkerij T’Hooft is now 100% equipped with IN-LOG machines at their postpress. The owner, Mr. Bart T’Hooft, is convinced of the positive effects of this decision and is impressed by the sustainability and quality demonstrated by IN-LOG.