Shop Floor Production Intelligence

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) for print! Today’s faster equipment makes it more important than ever to have accurate, up-to-the-minute production data. EFI Auto Count Direct Machine Interface (DMI) collects, counts, press status, speed and other critical information automatically. directly from your equipment, in real time. With Auto-Count, you have the information needed to prevent costly mistakes, reduce waste and better manage your entire operation.

Auto-Count 1000

The Auto-Count 1000 is a premier counting and control system configured for your high speed production equipment. It delivers precision counting technology to every piece of equipment in the press room and bindery. The Auto-Count 1000 configuration uses an array of special sensors and/or a direct connection to your machine console to gather data. This provides a powerful and cost-effective solution for web presses, sheet-fed presses, flexographic presses, digital presses and finishing equipment.

Auto-Count 3000

The Auto-Count 3000 tracks signature counts with unparalleled accuracy. The Auto-Count 3000 utilises a patented “weigh-the-waste” process, incorporating press and scale sensors to provide the most accurate counts available. It is the perfect system for high-speed, high volume web presses, where unmonitored runs can pile up waste in seconds. Whether as a standalone product, or integrted with your EFI print management system, the Auto-Count 3000 can pay for itself in a matter of months. Paper savings alone typically run at 2% per year. With Auto-Count, you’ll not only reduce waste, you’ll maximise the value of your web presses and increase your profitability.

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