CopyCheck CC/30

Like organizations in other branches also companies in the printing industry are facing the situation of rising supplier’s prices and decreasing consumer prices so that the topic of cost reduction has to be promoted. Cost reductions come along with business process optimization. According to our definition of business processes they embrace management processes, core processes and support processes within an enterprise. The core processes like the handling of day’s trading are holding the major potential of cost reduction beside basic strategic questions and orientation in the management division. A significant part can be seen in the constitution of a professional customer complaint management. Thereby the main focus not only rests on the competent receipt of customer complaints. The focus of an elaborated customer complaint management lies rather in avoiding repetitive errors and continuous documenting.

The COPY-CHECK-SYSTEM is an instrument for customer complaint management in line with documentation.
Customer complaint management embraces planning, accomplishment and monitoring of all measures, which are taken into action from a company concerning customer complaints. The scope is to remain factual, disprove eventual imputations and minimize negative consequences of discontent like dissatisfaction of the customer or damage to one’s image. A customer complaint can be taken into account as well as a starting point for improvement measures within a company.

The process of complaints handling is not yet, like in other branches, standardized in the printing industry. In the industry the approach of dealing with a complaint is often documented by the D8-Report, which is usually interchanged between distributor and customer in case of a complaint. These eight obligatory disciplines do find only a limited implementation in the printing industry, because of the products’ ephemerality. Customer relations are often as ephemeral as the products. A fact that in addition reduces the chance of amicable complaint solutions and often as a result merely money is cut off the contract. Mostly the problem results from scarce argumentation. Right on this point COPY-CHECK comes in.

COPY-CHECK presents a combination of quality related production data ofweb press with complaint processing in one system. Copy-Check leads to a significant reduction of complaint costs, if the company is able to pre-estimated within the COPY-CHECK-SYSTEM the origin of complaint and the quantity of signed copies affected by the complaint. Furthermore COPY-CHECK brings a positive argumentation. The COPY-CHECK-SYSTEM supports also internal complaints. The production and quality assurance divisions as well as the distribution division are often involved in the complaint management.This ancient proverb unfortunately comes true again and again. In thisrelation COPY-CHECK brings a great improvement of the control mechanisms because of a subtle force on the responsible machine operator. Operating experiences have shown clearly that in particular the documented, non manipulable process of the COPY-CHECK-SYSTEMS rises the attention of the responsible person. A foot-operated switch is ideal for control sampling, because it allows the operator to take a second documented example with a simple move of a foot.

COPY-CHECK consists of an extraction module (for a single copy extraction) and an Inkjet. The system is moveable and can be installed in each position in the line. The height of copy check is adjustable between 700-1100mm. The extraction happens by a preset copy volume, or manual by pushing a button. The Inkjet is a lowercase ink jet printer for converting without contact. Copy check is able to print alphameric data or Datamatrix-codes. The operation happens by TFT Touch Display with big keys and simple menu navigation.