Center Slitting Unit CT/2090

Module for cutting out variable excerps for print products consisting of two trimming units

Technical description of the trimming units

  • 2 trimming stations / cutterheads
  • 1 rotating toothed carbide upper knife each (Ø 308 mm) and 1 rotating carbide bottom knife (Ø 150 mm)
  • The drive of the upper knife occurs via two AC motors (power 2.2 kW each)
  • The main drive for the conveyor belts is provided by a three-phase motor (Power 1,5 KW)
  • The synchronism with the printing machine for the automatic modeis produced by a tachometer generator
  • The centring of the shingle stream occurs in the cutting unit by means of laterally continuous and vibrating conveyors
  • Customizing the alignment of conveyor belts to various formats, as well as the trimming width can be adjusted continuously while the machine is running by four handwheels mittels
  • Upper belt pressure is adjustable
  • Upper belt can be lifted
  • In the frame structure  integrated controls for maximum operator comfort and easy accessibility for maintenance