Job Management Palletizing Systems

This software is an integrated solution for the job order planning and job management of our palletizing systems. It represents a dynamic linking between your ERP systems and our automated palletizing systems. All data and informatin which are necessary for the manufacturing process are provided.
In case no data can be made available from an upstream ERP system, the production data will be created and managed in our system and supplied to the manufacturing process.
The manufacturing process is made by the control system of IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH.
To increase stability we offer different layer variations. Optimization procedures are available even for complex forms of packaging. Furthermore, it is possible to have different pallet protections. Examples for this are, intermediate layers, cover plates and frames, edge protections and strappings. Thanks to consistent coordination of the pallet storage space, in particular when developping new packagings, considerable cost reduction potentials are developped.


Main functions:

  • Creating and managing of packing plans for optimal storage space calculation
  • Calculation of logistic-oriented packing plans (with fixed or open layer)
  • Creating and managing of palletizing lists
  • Printing of different  printing forms (pallet labels, packing plans, order report, etc.)
  • Conncecting of driverless transportation systems
  • Communication with upstream machines and equipment to optimally control and supervise the manufacturing process