The Postfalz Type QF/2035 is suitable for the subsequent folding of printed products (QUARTER FOLDER).
oth – online and in offline – mode can be used.
It was designed specifically for thick products at high speed. (For example, online newspapers operating in the area).
New EU directives require smaller sizes for shipment.
This necessitates a subsequent folding. Conventional knife folders are working but slow.

The Postfalz there is an economic alternative.

Many accessories expand the range and allow for individual solutions.
Products that are designed wrong, so with the cover sheet below are must first be turned.
Is the eccentricity of the products is greater than 90 mm, the products must be taken first to the middle.
This is done with bias belts or telescope belts.
Products that come out of rotary printing machines, roller feeders and have the form of the shingles, must be separated.
Thus there’s a special seperating conveyor.
Products from single sheet feeders or gang-stitchers can be processed directly without the seperating conveyor.

It is possible to fold left or right on a conveyor. (Take attention to the speed!)
The delivery can be corrected to a constant product center.
The seperated printing products, which have a high speed and usually so can not be processed further, can be adjusted with an accumulation conveyor belt back into shape.
(With slower production speeds can account for the accumulation conveyor belt. What determines the stacker.)

Normally, the shingle stream is realigned with a blunt deflector and stacked in a stacker.
A trimming machine can be prepended.
Generally, the machine can be used in all printing and further processing operations.
Furthermore, an addressing system can be integrated into the system.