RT/3080 RT/4080

With the powerful RT/4080 trimmer unit, it is possible to produce up to 80.000 copies, cut on four sides (cut on three sides with RT/3080), with a flexible format setup.

Integrated into the cabinet and service panel telescopic infeed belts at the deflections are only two special features of the user-friendliness.IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH will put together the optimum knife configuration for your range of applications. Extremely easy changeover and regrinding, long edge life and low noise development are the significant features of the trimmer technology.

The fact that the production resources of IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH are also used by satellite and aerospace technology seems to prove that comparable products simply do not have the same quality. The alignment of your products is very dear to us; which is why we use synchronous motors for perfect alignment at high speeds.