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IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH offers creative layout design in the use of customized solutions that are optimally adapted to the space and production requirements of our customers.




IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH is the benchmark in automation technology and a pioneer for many technical innovations, which often represent the state of the art.



IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH can claim a profound understanding of the needs of the printing industry, especially when it comes to commercial web offset and newspaper printers. We have been a close observer of the marketplace for more than 20 years. This know-how is leveraged by IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH to develop individual, end-to-end solutions on behalf of its customers. The company sees itself as a full service provider for the conveying, trimming, stacking, and palletizing processes.

IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH has never been afraid to digress from traditional development approaches and evolve new and innovative strategies of its own. This creed has repeatedly enabled the company to generate unique selling propositions and set itself apart from the competition. Automatic format adjustment, networked production, and the use of modern robotics are just a few examples. I-PET (Postpress Evolution Technology) is the name of a long-term project originally presented at drupa 2004. Representing an entirely new way to dispose of waste from web presses, it attracted keen interest from visitors.

One element of the IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH philosophy is that ample time should always be set aside for the project design phase. This is essential to elaborate an optimized solution together with the customer that will form the foundation for a long-term partnership.

Commercial web offset printers in the 21st century face enormous competitive pressures that are additionally heightened by the globalized market for web offset products. At the same time, the marketplace is increasingly target group-oriented and fragmented, so that run lengths are likely to become shorter still in the next few years while product formats and sizes grow more and more diverse. On top of this, customers demand the highest possible finishing quality – another new challenge printers have to master.

To compete successfully in this kind of environment, commercial web offset printers are forced to take full advantage of rationalization potentials. In recent years, many companies have concentrated on automating their printing activities, whereas finishing has been neglected by comparison. Practice has shown, however, that the real impact of automation is only unleashed if it encompasses all processes—from prepress to postpress—to an equal extent.

Inline finishing, in particular, provides plentiful opportunities to secure a competitive edge. Against this background, IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH develops and produces innovative solutions for end-to-end automation concepts in postpress departments and mailrooms.

IN-LOG / Merten Maschinenbau und Vertriebs GmbH offers a comprehensive range of solutions for conveying, trimming, stacking, and palletizing in postpress departments and mailrooms. The company serves both the heatset and coldset markets, focusing on the high-end sector. Rugged machine quality and a high level of vertical integration form the basis for the exceptional reliability of all components. The outcome: maximum availability and prompt supplies of spare parts to users all over the world.

Every project kicks off with a detailed customer requirement analysis. Made-tomeasure solutions are built in collaboration with the customer using modular standard components. And every project is supervised—from assembly to final acceptance—by a designated project manager, with the result that the whole process is simplified for the customer as far as possible.

Automation also adds value to people’s jobs. On the one hand, employee motivation is strengthened while on the other, more time remains to attend to other postprocessing or mailroom tasks.